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Talent concept

Wohua Human Resources Strategic Objectives: Agricultural Industrialization Innovation and Development Talent Heights
Talent is the first resource of the enterprise, and talent is the most far-reaching investment. Establish a people-oriented principle and cultivate high-quality, compound talents. Create a level playing field mechanism so that everyone in the company can do everything they can to show their talents, and outstanding talents stand out from the crowd and make contributions.
Establish a strategic human resources management structure and planning, develop separate training and development plans, improve internal employee mobility systems, and implement employee career planning. Strengthen the strategic forward-looking of personnel training, make talent reserves, improve the echelon construction of the talent team, and maintain the sustainable development of team building.
Identify key business processes and management processes based on company strategy to identify job responsibilities and key performance indicators. Improve incentives and performance management, enhance the sense of urgency and mission of cadres and employees, and motivate employees. Establish a smooth performance transmission mechanism, improve the assessment plan, summarize and analyze the assessment results and propose recommendations for applying the results.
Adhere to purposeful, systematic and organized multi-level learning and training. In addition to their positions and specialties, cadre positions should strengthen the quality system, business management, and computer skills, and improve the overall quality of employees and their own development mechanism. Innovation.
Continuously improve the company's compensation mechanism and employee treatment, enhance the company's human resources strategic competitiveness, and adopt a personalized incentive strategy for strategic human resources.
At present, Wohua has initially formed a stable management team. While being good at discovering the advantages and potentials of the cadres of the company, it will actively introduce external professional managers and talents. In the team building, we will explore, cultivate, promote and create a group of follow-up managers who will manage, understand technology and have quality. At the same time, the selection and training of follow-up successors in various management positions will also be one of the important tasks that Wohua is currently scrutinizing and paying attention to.