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Wohua Technology Goes to the World

The company has gradually grown into the first pilot demonstration enterprise of the first batch of the first and second production integration projects, the national high-standard farmland innovation model pilot enterprise and the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province.



Wohua corporate culture includes:
Enterprise tenet: to increase profits for farmers, to escort food safety, and to benefit the health of the people
Corporate Vision: To become the leading brand enterprise and listed company of national agricultural industrialization
Corporate philosophy: win-win cooperation and give back to society
Corporate values: "integrity, responsibility, standardization, innovation"; "Let others be happy, they are happy"
Entrepreneurial spirit: Beyond self, beyond success
Brand identity: green • Health • Value
Employees: It is the company's greatest wealth and fundamental driving force. Wohua is willing to provide employees with a broad platform to create a perfect career
Customer: It is the survival of enterprise development. Wohua will continue to provide customers with quality products and services to create extraordinary performance
Innovation: It is the eternal driving force for enterprise development. Wohua will continue to maintain technological and management innovations and continuously enhance its industrial and market positions.