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Wohua Technology Industrial Structure

The company has gradually grown into the first pilot demonstration enterprise of the first batch of the first and second production integration projects, the national high-standard farmland innovation model pilot enterprise and the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province.


Precision processing

Established in August 2010, it is a modern agricultural technology-based joint-stock enterprise based on the 23-year vegetable industry practice in Shandong, with agricultural industrialization development and socialized services as a new model. The company's main scope: production and sales of dehydrated vegetables, vegetable processing, vegetable cultivation, crop planting technology development. Registered capital of 63 million yuan.
The company has a modern production and processing workshop and advanced refrigeration equipment. The “150,000 tons of fresh vegetables and cold storage processing project” was completed in 2014. The constant temperature refrigerator is 6000 square meters, which can store 5,000 tons of green onions (three-tier storage architecture, information management system). At the same time, our company adopts 100,000-level GMP purification standard “1000 tons of dehydrated vegetable processing project” and completed acceptance in early 2014. The main deep-processed items include: dehydrated onions, cabbage, carrots, coriander, garlic slices, fungus, etc., and high-quality dehydrated products are exported to Japan, South Korea and other developed countries.