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Wohua Technology Goes to the World

The company has gradually grown into the first pilot demonstration enterprise of the first batch of the first and second production integration projects, the national high-standard farmland innovation model pilot enterprise and the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province.



Shandong Wohua Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2010 with a registered capital of 42 million yuan. After years of exploration and development, the company has gradually grown into the first batch of national first-two-three production integration project pilot demonstration enterprises and national high standard farmland. Innovative model pilot enterprises and key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province. With the business philosophy of “green, health and value”, the company takes the whole process of mechanization and socialized service of green onion as the core, and supports the development of agricultural production materials such as seeds, organic fertilizers, pesticides and new agricultural machinery. To the cultivation of green onions, intensive processing, and then to the modern agricultural product marketing network of “super-integration” of agricultural super-docking and export export, to build a modern agricultural industrial chain that integrates upstream and downstream links and comprehensive supporting clusters.
Shandong Wohua relies on its rich experience in the integration of the first, second and third years of development to build an intelligent nursery center, further elongating and integrating the 1-2 industrial chain, and extending the link from processing to planting and social service. The three productions build a complete and full chain. At the same time, improve the distribution mechanism of benefits, let farmers share the fruits of agricultural development, achieve stable and continuous income increase, and promote modern agriculture from standardization, scale to information and intelligence.