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Wohua Technology Industrial Structure

The company has gradually grown into the first pilot demonstration enterprise of the first batch of the first and second production integration projects, the national high-standard farmland innovation model pilot enterprise and the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province.


Social service

Wohua's socialized service relies on the resource endowment of Anqiu Shallots and the large-scale industrial clusters. It is always on the flow of development and always adheres to the principle of “customer and farmer's interests above all else”. The service concept of “one seedling, serving one onion”, focusing on the construction and improvement of professional standards for fine and meticulous service, with Anqiu as the foothold, radiating the whole country, providing farmers with a full range of services from green onion to harvesting management. After years of exploration and research, the core technology links of the whole process of melons have been gradually formed, as follows:
Whole green mechanized core process
First, the pelletized coating
According to the growth characteristics of green onion seeds, Shandong Wohua uses internationally advanced seed pelletizing and coating technology to adhere various insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, fillers, plant growth regulators, etc. to the surface of green onion seeds. Encapsulation treatment.
Through the seeds of Wohua Dalbergia granulation coating technology, it can not only comprehensively control the pests and diseases of crops at the seedling stage, but also has the functions of drought resistance and cold protection; and the seed buds have strong potential, high germination rate, improve the growth environment of seedlings and promote the growth of onion seedlings. To meet the high standards of Miaoquan, Miaoqi, Miaoyun and Miaozhuang, increase production, improve quality, and increase crop yield by about 10%; it can also reduce pesticide use, reduce costs and reduce environmental pollution.
Second, fine seeding
Shandong Wohua's fine-grained seeding adopts the internationally advanced automatic seeding equipment for sowing, which realizes the whole process automation from the soil, precision sowing, covering soil to compaction, ensuring accurate injection of 3 pills in each hole of the nursery tray. The granulated coated seeds truly achieve 660 coated seeds evenly on each seedling tray.
Through fine seeding, 3960-6600 coated seeds can be planted per minute, which can effectively improve the breeding speed, save time and labor; at the same time, apply precise seeding, and evenly plant 3-33 million green onions per acre, saving Seedling land.
Third, factory seedlings
At present, Shandong Wohua has built more than 500 acres of intelligent nursery plants in Wushan, Jingzhi and Anqiu Nonggu, with an annual output of 1.6 billion high-quality onion seedlings. The annual radiation-driven capacity of social services has exceeded 30,000 mu.
Through factory seedlings, the seedlings of the finished seeds are shortened by about 50-60 days in the growth period of the greenhouse, which can save the required seedling area per thousand acres from the traditional 170 acres to 20 acres. Spring, summer, autumn and winter effects. The industrialized seedlings can control the temperature, moisture, light and nutrition, and the management is uniform and efficient.
Fourth, automated transplanting
Shandong Wohua has effectively introduced the labor intensity of transplanting operations of green onions, improved the quality and efficiency of transplanting operations, and achieved double harvests of economic and social benefits by introducing and equating the internationally advanced green onion transplanting machine suitable for Chinese soil properties.
Through the transplanting of green onion by Wohua Automation, it not only saves time and effort, reduces labor intensity, and increases the transplanting speed by 20 times (the traditional one transplants 0.5 mu of land per day, mechanized one person transplants 10 mu of land every day); The slow seedling process is conducive to the rapid growth of onion seedlings. At the same time, the quality of transplanting can be improved, and the standardization of row spacing, plant spacing, erectility and depth is high, which can make transplanted onion seedlings reach Miaoquan, Miaoqi, Miaoyun and Miaozhuang. High standard requirements.
V. Intensive harvesting
Wohua green onion intensive harvesting, through the introduction of the world's advanced green onion automatic harvesting equipment, and independent research and development based on China's soil characteristics, provides a strong guarantee for large-scale onion planting.
Through intensive harvesting, compared with traditional manual work, it can save 10 times of manual dosage, effectively reduce the labor intensity in the harvesting process of green onion, improve production efficiency, ensure the quality of green onion, and the cost of mining is also lower than traditional manual. Doubled.
In the promotion of socialized service of green onion, in order to effectively solve the dilemma of how to grow the modern agricultural industrialization, our company set up a professional social service team, relying on excellent technology and “nanny” service to quickly open the market and rely on the Internet + Agriculture, establish a full traceability system for green onions, realize intelligent management, build an Internet sales platform for farmers, guide multi-channel sales models, solve information asymmetry problems, and achieve multi-faceted income increase.
Wohua mode contrasts with traditional planting methods of green onions



Traditional planting

Wohua Modern Planting



The purchased seeds are not professionally processed, and the average sprouting rate is about 60%.

First, through the pelletization coating to achieve comprehensive prevention and control of seedling pests and diseases, improve stress resistance. Second, the application of seed-priming technology, strong buds, increased germination rate to more than 90%, and full, so that the nursery cycle is shortened by 15 days to 30 days.



Manual movement sowing, seed spreading, uneven, low efficiency

The use of patented seedling tray technology for precise seeding ensures that each well is accurately seeded with three pelletized coated seeds, each containing a total of 660 coated seeds, and the breeding speed is between 3960 and 6600 grains/minute. (6-10 discs/min), it can realize evenly planting 30,000 seedlings per acre.



Natural growth, artificial fertilization, fight drugs, weeding, watering, etc., affected by weather and climate, low seedling rate

Through factory seedling, the seedlings of the finished seeds sprout in the greenhouse of the nursery greenhouse, and the growth period is shortened by about 45-50 days, which can save the area of the nursery to be planted per thousand acres from the traditional 170 acres to 20 acres. Not affected by weather in different seasons. The industrialized seedlings can control the temperature, moisture, light and nutrition, and the management is uniform and efficient, and the seedling rate is increased to over 85%.



Manually transplanting seedlings, inserting seedlings, labor efficiency is extremely low, bending work is strong

Compared with traditional transplanting methods, automatic transplanting is faster than transplanting, which is generally 20 times faster than manual transplanting. Second, the quality of transplanting is good. The row spacing, plant spacing, erectility and depth are better than manual transplanting. It meets the high standard requirements of Miaoquan, Miaoqi, Miaoyun and Miaozhuang, and avoids the slow seedling process and is beneficial to onion. The rapid growth of the seedlings shortens the growth period. Third, it is labor-saving. It does not require people to bend over and work, which reduces the labor intensity. Fourth, it is possible to expand the planting area and obtain more economic benefits.



Generally hire a labor force, high cost and low efficiency

Intensive harvesting and application of mechanized equipment can save 10 times the labor consumption compared with traditional manual work. And effectively reduce the labor intensity of the green onion harvesting process, improve production efficiency, and ensure the quality of green onions.


Saving seedlings

Take up a lot of seedlings

Compared with the traditional planting, the planting seedling can save 5-6 times of the seedling. (For farm farmers no longer need nursery)


save time

Need farmers to be wholehearted, all-weather investment

Through socialized services, farmers can provide full mechanized services and technical support by simply dialing a phone or mobile phone to place an order on the platform. During the period, farmers will not only save their efforts and effort, but also realize the integration of agriculture and industry and industry, so that modern farmers will become farmers and increase profits.


Saving agricultural resources

It is necessary to purchase and purchase agricultural materials such as mulch, arch shed and drip irrigation. Fertilizer and pesticides are heavily invested and are not used according to scientific ratio.

Mechanized planting and socialized services provide one-stop service for agricultural materials, which can save a lot of manpower, material resources and funds, save about 20% of fertilizer and fertilizer, and increase production by about 10%.


Retroactive management

Difficult to protect

It is recorded in all aspects of seed, seedling, planting, field management, harvesting, processing, circulation, etc., so that the whole process can be traced to ensure food safety.