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Wohua has passed QS production license, and continuously carries out quality control and food safety awareness throughout the whole process of raw material procurement, production and processing, and gradually establishes a food safety control system with HACCP as the core, and operates according to GMP and SSOP specifications; Achieving product safety traceability from the base to the production, processing and distribution of the supply chain system.
Quality policy: adhere to the people-oriented, refine the quality control process; pursue green health, ensure food safety; strengthen quality advantages and enhance customer satisfaction.
Product quality is the life of the company. Wohua will vigorously implement the laws, regulations and standards for food safety management in the process of vigorously promoting industrialization, taking responsibility for society, being responsible to consumers, and being responsible for the Wohua brand. Integrity and self-discipline, continuously improve employees' quality and safety awareness, systematically establish an effective quality and safety management system, and carry out quality control from product development, procurement and supply, production and processing, equipment and facilities, warehousing and logistics, etc.; The practice of traceability management of food quality and safety, extensive application of information technology to achieve a two-dimensional bar code quality and safety traceability system.
In order to further promote the process of agricultural industrialization, enhance brand value and export competitiveness, and carry out “agricultural school docking” and “agricultural super-docking” in an orderly manner, at present, Wohua is fully promoting the preliminary preparation of national GAP certification work, and the GAP certification process includes The main processes of certification application and acceptance, inspection preparation and implementation, conformity assessment and certification approval, supervision and management.